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French photography courses and weekend photo holiday tours.


The photography courses are held by Stephen Rennie a British professional photographer (and graphic designer) resident in France for over twenty years. Knowing French lifestyles in the southwest, and along with learning ‘photography tips’, you may also be advised on local traditions, places to visit, events, etc…

The subjects covered during the photography workshops and tours may vary due to the season and region chosen. For example, photography classes on local birdlife, in Charente Maritime, could be studied during a certain time of year where there are many opportunities to photograph the beautiful elegant white storks in and around their nesting areas. However, so as not to disturb local wildlife such as birds and animals, the number of places are limited to 2/3 people. On the other hand, more places are available if you prefer a course exclusively on landscape and seascape photography or nature photography in the Pyrénées. Photo workshops & courses are available all year, including Easter & Christmas holidays seasons, bank holidays and long weekend breaks.

Low cost flights from United Kingdom airports (and elsewhere) to Bayonne, Biarritz, Bordeaux, La Rochelle, etc. are available allowing quick, easy and inexpensive access to France. Why not book a long weekend photography workshop in France and discover the south west atlantic coast for some excellent photographic opportunities. The photography courses are not only limited to weekends, you can also book photography holiday breaks for as long, or short, as you wish while staying in France.

French Photography Workshops

Briefly what’s covered during a photography workshop course

General techniques : Basic handling and usage of your digital camera for beginners. Camera programmes, automatique, manual… shutter speeds, apertures, focal lengths, depth of field…
Composition and lighting : Train your eye to use certain compositional techniques to capture the essence of a scene, … rule of thirds, leading lines, focal points,.. Using available light with « the golden and blue hours »…
For experienced photographers these photography workshops can also be aimed on wildlife photography and how to approach animals and birds in the wild using certain ways and equipment including hides, camouflage,… Also there are other photography lessons on topics such as panning, long exposures, night photography, etc.

Post-production workflows with evening photo editing courses on how to improve your printed image using various softwares such as Photoshop and Lightroom, or your usual photo editor. Learn how to optimise your photos using contrasts, saturation, levels, curves, etc… Computers and softwares are not included in the workshop, so if you wish this digital darkroom course you must bring along your own laptop. In general our photo holiday courses cover many aspects of photography for beginners to skilled and experienced photographers.

French Pyrenees Weekend Photo Workshops
Pyrenees mountain stream

Pyrenees mountain stream

Pyrenees Weekend Photo Workshops

A two day photo workshop course with short town & country photo rambles in-and-around the local historical town, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port.
Staring prices from 235€
per person with a reduction of 15% on the second photographer. Totally free for a non-photographer, for example husband or wife.

22-23 march 2014
19-20 april 2014
26-27 april 2014
10-11 may 2014
17-18 may 2014
24-25 may 2014
31-01 june 2014
07-08 june 2014
14-15 june 2014
28-29 june 2014
05-06 july 2014
19-20 july 2014
02-03 august 2014
09-10 august 2014
12-13 august 2014
23-24 august 2014
3-14 sept. 2014

Other dates can be arranged during weekdays

These workshops are on a first-come first-served basis. Can be one-to-one at no additional costs.
You’re reservations will normally be confirmed within 24-48 hours.
Pick-up from airport, train station, etc. can also be arranged with a small supplement to cover transport expenses.
Includes transport to-and-from workshop destinations if your accommodation is nearby.
Not including accommodation, meals, insurances.

Totally FREE* for a second person non-photographer (ex. husband and wife)


One week workshop reservations require a 30% deposit at the time of booking. Total sum must be paid 15 days before the starting date of the workshop.
Cancellation received more than 4 weeks in advance, the deposit will be entirely reimboursed. For cancellations less than 4 weeks from the first day you may lose your deposit, but in the very exceptional case of a workshop being cancelled by us, health reasons, etc. our liability is limited to the amount that you have paid us for the workshop.

Photography Courses in Charente Maritime

Charente Maritime

Short-eared owl

We offer reasonably priced photography courses & workshops in Charente Maritime, France.
98,50€ (1 day of nature & landscape photography) >> Click here to book (in French)
210€ (Weekend landscape & nature photography) >> Click here to BOOK (in English)
285€ (3 days of bird photography) >> Click here to book (in French)
475€ (5 days of landscape & wildlife photography) >> Click here to book (in French)

Bookings & Enquiries

Bird lovers will enjoy the vast choice of species found on the Atlantic coast

Prices include all french taxes. Not including transport, travel insurance, accommodation or meals.
For further information, please email, call +33 604 044 756 or use the enquiry form. Enquiries
The photography course may be on a one-to-one basis or in groups depending on bookings for the chosen date.

* Free for the compagnon non-photographer, but not including accommodation, meals, transport. He/she must live to the photographers rythme and can join the workshop group when wished.

Guided photography holidays
While on holiday in the south west France, why not hire and be guided by a professional nature photographer to help you on capturing great pictures of the spectacular Pyrenees mountain landscapes, beautiful rustic Basque country villages, amazing Atlantique ocean scenes (Pyrenees & Charente-Maritime), to return home, not with simple snapshots but professional-like photo souvenirs.
We offer, all-year-round, individuel tailor-made photography guides, to suit your requirements, for either beginners or advanced photographers. No need to have the latest digital reflex camera for these guided photo holidays, all types of cameras are welcome from a simple compact camera to an iPhone.
These guided photography holidays can be arranged for places such as Charente, Vendée, Vienne, Dordogne, Deux-Sèvres, and Aquitaine and Bordeaux, the Pyrenees Atlantique including Bayonne & Biarritz.
Week end photo Pyrénées

Pyrenees mountains

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